RLC Endorses Alan Arcand in Michigan's First Congressional District

IRON RIVER, MI - The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is pleased to announce their endorsement of Alan Arcand in the 1st Congressional District. The Republican Liberty Caucus is a 527 voluntary grassroots membership organization dedicated to working within the Republican Party to advance the principles of individual rights, limited government and free markets.

"Alan Arcand is an excellent choice for conscientious representation in Washington because he puts principle, and the people, ahead of the political class. Voters in Michigan's First Congressional district can say no to the status quo and yes to Liberty by electing Arcand to the U.S. Congress, " said RLC member Dennis Marburger.

Running on a platform of limited government and constitutional principles, Alan Arcand opposes Obamacare and is highly critical of the Patriot Act and other legislation which infringe upon individual liberty. A strong advocate of fiscal conservatism, he champions tax reform and the elimination of unconstitutional programs and agencies.

“Alan Arcand will make a great addition to the growing number of pro-liberty voices in Washington,” RLC Chairman Matt Nye said. “We applaud his commitment to reducing the size and scope of government. Voters can be confident Arcand will work hard to reduce spending, cut onerous taxes and restore American prosperity.”

Arcand is a businessman and an Air Force veteran. Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula, he and his wife, Nancy, have three children and make their home in Iron River.